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Why Shop Wise Fathers?

We have “curated content” for you. What that means is that we looked through mountains of…products to find the gems so you don’t have to. This is generally done as part of writing posts for Wise Fathers, so it may seem rather random at first glance. We don’t want to recommend garbage because that reflects badly on us. While there are no guarantees, and quality and customer service definitely vary over time, we do check reviews and comments before anything is posted.

For some things, there is a selection to choose from because different people have different needs and likes. I wrote one post on getting started sewing. That included links for a basic, just-fixing-hems machine up to a fancy one that does embroidery because different people have different needs. Under “Art”, there is a whole section devoted to adult coloring books. Yes, this is more of a mom thing, but dad’s buy gifts for moms, so there is a selection of both top-quality pencils and unusual coloring books. There are tons of books of basic patterns in just about any store, so the focus is on harder-to-find books like the one with steampunk patterns and the one of 1950s fashion.

So what do we get out of it? The cost is the same to you, but Wise Fathers will earn a small percentage from every sale. It’s called “affiliate marketing” and it’s a way for companies (including Amazon) to get their products in front of customers who may be interested in that specific item. So, it’s kind of like targeted ads, but the affiliate (Wise Fathers) does the work of selecting and placing the items, so we get more money than we would for just an ad. Long story short, we make money without costing you a cent.

If there are items you would like to see, items you love, items you don’t think should be included, or items you think we should remove, please let us know in the comments!

Happy shopping!